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Moroccan Hammam

Morocco is known for its hammams, where we can enjoy all its benefits in a relaxing environment that combines sauna and spa. The whole process is extremely invigorating, in addition to toning and firming your skin, it lets you have a feeling of being fresher than ever. To make the most of your hammam session, you must allow yourself several “privilege” hours where calm and relaxation is at the rendezvous.

The Moroccan Bath, popularly known as “Hammam”, is a cleansing and relaxation ritual that Moroccans habitually do each week at their local Hammam and is an absolute must before special occasions. Apart from it being special bath for the Moroccans, it adds lots of benefits to to the skin, like:

  •  Rehydrates skin and soothes redness and flakiness.
  •  Improves skin elasticity and clarity.
  •  Improves the skin tone
  •  Anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties.
  •  Detoxing and rejuvenating
  •  Balances oil secretion in the skin and controls acne.
  •  Refines skin texture by removing dead skin layers.
  •  Nourishes skin with vitamins and minerals.
  •  Enhances deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
  •  Reduces stress and anxiety and allow deep relaxation.
  • Take away dead skin from your body, unclog pores while eliminating toxins from the skin
  • Decrease muscle tension. It sooth muscle pain and rheumatism.
  • Better sleep. Helps rejuvenate your body while sleeping.
  • Boost the immune system. Activate the blood circulation.
  • Body and mind connection. Have more energy and feel more balance.
  • Feel beautifulFeeling fresh and revitalized.
  • When you have a cold, the hammam facilitates respiration by releasing the sinus and nasal routes. It also offers benefits to soothe muscle pain caused by rheumatism, especially when we end the hammam session by a hot bath.

Find the right time

In your schedule, make an appointment with yourself and above all, do not expect anything stressful after the hammam session. The goal is to spend a day of relaxation and only think about yourself. The hammam provides a full sensation of well being at the level of the body and spirit.

The hammam is ideal when you are stressed, tired, physically or morally, after a workout, or just to find yourself in a relaxing environment with friends. So, why don’t you visit us today and have a day for YOU… @ La Reine Spa.


Basic hammam – N18, 999

Traditional hammam -N28, 000

Skin lightening Hammam -N35, 000

Hammam Combo ( with Massage) 30, 000

Hydrating hammam – N32, 000

Hammam treatment ( skin ailments) -N35, 000