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Organic facials

“If you can attain repose and calm, believe that you have seized happiness.”

— Julie-Jeanne-Eleonore de Lespinasse

Put your best face forward with one of La Reine’s extraordinary facial therapies. Our experienced estheticians, combined with the best products and cutting-edge technologies, bring out the radiant skin we all want to show! All therapies are customizable to your skin type and needs. Don’t know which one to pick? No problem. Our team is happy to provide complimentary consultations!

Why You should care for your skin

French women look amazing – and it’s not only food they view differently. French women have beautiful skin and they love facials. Most french women get a facial every month. They consider it a regular part of their lives and don’t let a busy lifestyle get in the way of their facial appointment. Unlike most of us in Nigeria that get a facial because we have been given a gift voucher or we are hoping to turn back the clock with some radical new treatment.

French women recognise the benefits of keeping it simple and regular and they reap the rewards of this approach.

Here are a few things French women do: –

They start early

French women start getting facials as young as their early teens. They recognise that this is when our skin changes. Puberty hits and our adrenal glands start producing androgens that cause our sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. We start to wear make-up which can clog our pores leading to pimples. Good advice from a professional early on and good habits learnt early mean good skin in the future.

They use Natural Products

French women choose products that are all natural and contain simple ingredients. They nourish their skin with what the earth has provided and aren’t interested in fancy chemicals created in a lab that claim to do the impossible. French women have learnt to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day from an early age.

They don’t wear much make up

French women spend so much time nourishing their skin, they want to show it off – not hide it under layers of make up. They consider makeup to enhance their skins beauty, not camouflage it.

They keep it simple

French women’s facials are very simple. Cleanse, Tone, Steam, Exfoliation, Mask, Massage, Moisturiser. They understand that the benefit is in the ritual, the skin analysis and the facial massage. Facial massage helps us to relax. It increases blood flow, circulation and collagen production which all assists in anti aging.

They don’t go for fad treatments or products

French women are not interested in highly invasive procedures to turn back the clock. Most of them look amazing at any age because they realise the benefit of regularly caring for their skin not just waiting till it all falls apart and hoping some magical injection, chemical peel or surgical procedure will fix it.

They use a masque once a week

French women recognise the benefits of face masques and make use of it once a week.

They stay out of the sun

French women understand how harmful the suns rays are for our skin. The sun causes irreparable damage and ages our skin before its time. French women wear sun block and cover up – smart ladies!


Maybe we didn’t grow up realising how precious our skin is and how easy it is to form habits that will make our skin glow later in life but there is nothing stopping us from starting now! La Reine Spa offer beautiful, natural facials that focus on the benefits of facial massage and a tailored treatment depending on your skins needs. We use natural healing masks made out of fresh ingredients to suit your individual skin condition.

Nigerians, leave that make up and rather show off your beautiful, spotless, glowing face by embracing our organic facial care service. Book in for your tailored facial treatment today!


Basic facials – N8, 4000

Jordanian dead sea facials – N10, 500

collagen facials -N11, 050

Gold collagen (elderly group) – N13, 700

24 carat gold facials (suitable for brides) – N15, 000

Diamond dermabrasion -N21, 000

Deep facials (pimple prone skin) – N11, 500

Facials treament (1- 3 months) N21, 000 – N63, 000