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Stress relief baths

Stress relief baths

Self-care is paramount to living well. As a Certified Health Coach, I talk daily to people who want to know how to live healthy lifestyles. One of the biggest patterns I’ve noticed in the hundreds of people I’ve coached is that most people who feel unwell have been neglecting self-care. Spending a little time each day to care for ourselves makes us better at everything we do — from our career, to parenthood, to being a citizen of this beautiful planet, so what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself today, and get that stress off you.

The ancient physicians also spoke of bathing’s healing properties, and many modern doctors agree. Hot baths initially raise heart rate and temperature, so to dispel the heat, you perspire—which lets your body rid itself of toxins. Then your blood vessels dilate and increase circulation, removing lactic acid from muscles, lowering blood pressure, and easing pain.

Indulge today by chosin from many of our Stress Relief Baths.

Steam Relaxation Bath- N3, 000

Hot tub Relaxation Bath- N4, 000

Milk Tub Relaxation Therapy – N4, 200

aromatherapy Bath- N4, 500

Full Package Relaxation Therapy- N8, 500